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The financial challenges condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowner associations face are unique and conventional banking wisdom just is not enough to meet those needs.

Optimize Your Services

Secure Your Balances

Increase Your Efficiencies

Customize Your Lending Option


KWPM Financial Services, LLC* provides financial services built exclusively for our KWPMC family of communities. Our team assists our associations with finding a financial program and services that leverages both our understanding of your association’s specific needs and the banking relationships we have built over decades as a leader in property management.


  • Aimed to help your association achieve results that improve a return on investments
  • Due diligence review of banking options with preferred partners
  • Account creation and onboarding
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of accounts
  • Continued access to financial products through exclusive banking partnerships that secure reserves and provide long term growth
  • Diversification programs that ensure that principal funds and excess deposits are insured through FDIC
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Continued solvency with credited funds should a fraud investigation become necessary


  • Consultation through lending transactions of all sizes
  • Oversight of the entire lending process: securing the lender, underwriting, negotiation, documentation, closing, and funding
  • Assistance with loan applications, including the gathering of supporting documents and financial metrics
  • Negotiation of the best pricing and terms
  • Access to expedited funding and lines of credit at the best available rates
  • Sensitivity analysis for special projects to assess what funding is available to fund projects

*KWPM Financial Services, LLC is a subsidiary of KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING LLC (KWPMC). All banking offerings and services are optional and KWPMC clients may opt-out of using them. KWPM Financial Services, LLC may receive fees or commissions from partners for the placement, servicing and maintenance of the programs offered to communities.